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Eliminate superfluous tasks

MYLE CONNECT is a technological solution that enables MYLE to interface with other collaboration and productivity platforms such as e-fax, online appointment confirmation, accounting software, integrated management solutions (Enterprise Resource Planning) and customer relationship management (CRM) software, etc.

MYLE CONNECT integrates hundreds of connectors to interface with laboratory and imaging systems, biomedical equipment (vital signs, ECG devices, treadmills, etc.), and online payment solutions.

Electronic signatures
MYLE integrates e-fax features and reduces unnecessary photocopies. MYLE allows you to electronically sign and fax prescriptions, requisitions, forms and chart summaries from the patient file without even having to print them as long as you are logged onto the system.
Remain flexible while staying in control

Easily publish availability times online while applying detailed rules for time use. MYLE Patient Portal allows you to manage online access to your appointments according to patient registration, their attending physicians and advanced access parameters. Indicate availability in your calendar, and that is all there is to it!

Patients will be able to book either an urgent or a check-up appointment in a few clicks. As this platform is fully integrated, your MYLE calendar will update in real time, and you will be informed of the reason for the consultation at the same time.

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