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More than Electronic Medical Records(EMR)
MYLE is a clinical management system with an electronic medical records web application that provides a complete, collaborative and effective solution for medical teams. Thanks to this unique integrated platform, MYLE offers an easy access to patients’ medical records, minimizes administrative tasks and incorporates powerful tools to improve patient
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Personalized care that enables patients to take charge of their health
The MYLE patient portal improves patient follow-up and lightens your team's workload. Our online portal will allow your patients to make appointments for themselves and their family members, update their sociodemographic information, access their medical records and results, fill out questionnaires, and pay their bills through this new fully-integrated platform.
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Analyse and understand your data
MYLE enables users to create a rich database, perfect for compiling statistics and generating dashboards and reports. MYLE features one of the most powerful business intelligence (BI) tools on the market. It has never been easier to assess patient files, qualify and quantify medical procedures performed, and create dashboards to facilitate decision-making and clinical research.
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Eliminate superfluous tasks

MYLE CONNECT is a technological solution that enables MYLE to interface with other collaboration and productivity platforms such as e-fax, online appointment confirmation, accounting software, integrated management solutions (Enterprise Resource Planning) and customer relationship management (CRM) software, etc.

MYLE CONNECT integrates hundreds of connectors to interface with laboratory and imaging systems, biomedical equipment (vital signs, ECG devices, treadmills, etc.), and online payment solutions.

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