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THE 5 KEYS TO MEDICAL MARKETING Writer: PURKINJE      Time: 2019-06-21      Browse: 1231

A clinic or specialist provider of health services differs very little in its operation of a business establishment. Both have a site or plant, have patients who are clients, have procedures that are products, both measure their performance with indicators that control the development of activities and the growth of the company or clinic.

Therefore, if you are a health service provider, you should be interested in how to get new patients, how to make them feel satisfied with their care and become patients or loyal clients.

There are 5 keys to get your patients to prefer it and thus ensure a constant and controlled growth of your clinic. 

Apply these 5 keys to create a clear marketing strategy and greatly improve your service.

1、Have your patients' information organized, with timely and reliable access

Personalized attention is one of the pillars of marketing in all economic sectors currently. If in your consultation you know all the medical history of your patient, you will achieve that the consultation is based on a relationship of trust, in addition, it will offer a more accurate professional help; based on data, results and previous consultations, as well as the evolution of the patient and much more.

2. Analyze and tabulate the medical and demographic information of your patients

If you are a plastic surgeon, and your clinical record software shows an increase in the demand for nose surgeries between June and July, you can offer a special nose surgery plan in March to balance your income. At the same time it will help you prepare: the inventory, support staff, allocation of operating theaters and so on.

If you are an orthopedic doctor and your electronic clinical record shows that 45% of patients between 60 and 75 years have been treated in the last 3 months for arthritis; you can create a benefit program with pharmaceutical laboratories; to prescribe the medications, which in their concept have the best benefit for their patients, obtaining an economic benefit in the prescription.

3、Optimize the scheduling process and appointment confirmation by facilitating access to your medical services to your patients

Use the patient portal included in your electronic clinical record software, to have your patient book appointments  online; without calls, without displacements, without rows. In the patient portal you can configure your work schedule and the scheduled time for the cancellation of appointments. You can also send confirmations via email or SMS  and even include a digital means of payment. In addition, it is the ideal channel to send communications, food guides, treatment, promotions, all safely and effectively.

4、Aligning your internal processes to a quality standard will increase the perceived value of your service

As a medical specialist or in the case of a clinic, you are aware of your medical work. But having a quality director that standardizes your processes is both necessary and expensive. By using a certified electronic clinical file under international quality standards, you have the definitive guide on the way to a certification. This platform will help you optimize resources in documentation; since all formats and documents are made digitally and are electronically attached to the patient's file, using less paper to also optimize their physical file space, while complying with legal requirements.

5、Having a business structure will facilitate access to corporate clients

To the extent that its processes and information are properly, organized electronically, large insurers and companies will be interested in using their services. What will allow you to have corporate clients that ensures better and more stable income, and therefore the ability to grow.

An Clinical management system such as MYLE , which meets and exceeds all of these conditions, is what you and your clinic require. Do not wait any longer and contact us now or request a free demo here.

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