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10 REASONS TO ADAPT A GOOD CLINIC SYSTEM Writer: By Kassandra Paquette       Time: 2019-11-15      Browse: 813

The effervescent era in which we find ourselves implies many changes. An endless number of emerging technologies find their place among the different spheres of the health system, where an aging population rapidly increases the demand for care. Purkinje is among the companies that work to reconcile new technologies and the challenges of current medicine. Bringing together efficacy, quality health care and a fruitful relationship with the patient is the main challenge of our EMR and clinic management system. We develop MYLE, a platform embed with a smart EMR, clinic management and clinic CRM that will allow you to face the challenges of this situation.

MYLE, adapted by thousands of clinic globe, based on the 2018 user survey, we summarize the top 10 reasons why they chose MYLE  for their clinic,

1-  MYLE is the most friendly clinical work tool on the market, easy to learn to use!
2-  MYLE is a web application accessible from any place and time, regardless of platforms (Windows or MAC).
3-  MYLE offers you endless tools to save time and increase your efficiency in the clinic or medical group.
4-  MYLE is flexible. You can adapt it according to your specific user needs and working processes in one or many clinic.
5-  MYLE is a collaboration platform for the whole team of your clinic or the group.
6-  MYLE offers you the necessary tools in the transition to stop using paper and free up space in your files
7-  MYLE instantly receives your laboratory and imaging results.
8-  MYLE is a entire platform provides your clinical management , business management and marketing needs for your clinic or group of clinics

9-  MYLE surpasses the competition in terms of robustness, speed and safety.

10-  MYLE can integrate all your data from another system.

Our team of experts guarantees the transfer of your clinical and administrative data within MYLE and the successful implementation of the system.

If some of those reasons fit to you, why not contract us now for a demo and decide?

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