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THE CHANGES WERE NEVER EASY, BUT GOOD RESULTS HAVE ALWAYS BEEN WELCOME. Writer: By Ricardo Pinilla on July 25, 2019      Time: 2019-10-14      Browse: 861

The number of technological advances registered in the world have driven changes that no one would have ever imagined. Many of these advances have taken place in computer science. And they had to overcome the barriers that people oppose to change and the use of the unknown.


One of these advances is electronic clinical records. Which propose a radical change in the way of registering, storing and analyzing the medical information of patients, in order to provide better health services in the world.

But there are barriers to entry that are worth knowing and valuing.


Someone in the 50s or 60s never thought cell phone would be possible as we know it today, nor that cell phones would be pocket computers, which allow us to access information instantly. Nor did he think that books would stop being paper and would become digital and pocket mobile libraries. Nor do we imagine that Amazon would allow us to acquire virtually “everything” online and unless it was delivered in a matter of days and even hours in the home of each customer.


In the same way, these cutting-edge medical systems allow a doctor to know all the basic information of a patient, so that at the time of the consultation the doctor can have on hand the patient's history, medications, problems assets and even your family medical history, among many other data that offer great value.


By having this information instantly, the doctor can make a holistic diagnosis, analyzing not only the symptoms presented, but the historical conditions already associated with previous consultations. All this information is feasible to be seen in a single window as a medical summary. Never before has it been so easy for a doctor to carry out his professional practice, taking into account the complete picture of each patient.


The ability to store and analyze data to find patterns and profiles of the population has been facilitated with new technologies. The use of electronic clinical records in the world has increased the speed of detecting epidemic outbreaks and has helped governments to take measures against diseases such as diabetes.


In addition to this, the number of tools offered by a platform such as MYLE covers all medical and administrative areas, making clinics and offices have a unique tool that facilitates all processes and really enhances their growth and organization.

On the other hand, this type of platform is designed and developed on the basis of medical practice. That is why they adapt and combine to ensure that all the necessary tools for each specialty can be created and customized. 

This is why MYLE is virtually every doctor's toolbox. Allowing you to work with each patient from anywhere. Regardless of whether it is an independent office, or a complex clinical organization with different locations and specialties. This allows a patient to be assessed and attended by different professionals in a collaborative manner and all information can be centralized to be analyzed statistically.


Large organizations such as Christus Muguerza in Mexico use advanced platforms such as MYLE to create, store, manage and analyze their clinical records.

Decide to take the change in your hands and enjoy working with MYLE as your right hand. Many doctors have found a way to get the most out of their clinics.

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