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THE ALLY OF THE DOCTOR OF THE 21ST CENTURY Writer: PURKINJE      Time: 2019-05-31      Browse: 1296

The information management platforms provide easy access, which allows a better medical work, but also a better evaluation of the service provided to patients.

Medical services require a managerial approach, having easy access to information from patients, as well as management information and performance of their clinics.  

Currently, the ease of access to information allows finding, knowing and even comparing the services offered. Health is not alien to this reality. This is why patients act more and more as a client; they focus more on the quality of the service they receive. In medical consultations, the time your doctor spends with them largely defines the quality of care. This is where the correct preparation of the consultation takes on great importance and the great differentials in service appear, personlization, safety and efficiency are the basis of the new doctor-patient relationship.

To be a competitive doctor today, it is not enough to be a great professional. The use of technology and information management systems are additional keys to offer a competitive service and achieve a more stable doctor-patient relationship.

An information management system such as MYLE stores an enormous amount of perfectly organized and accessible medical records in every place and time. Having MYLE in the office creates an environment of trust; Call the patient by name, easily remember their ailments, their ongoing treatments and their previous procedures. This definitely humanizes the service while projecting ethics and professionalism. But how to make this possible?

An electronic clinical record such as MYLE , is a digital information file that contains patient data in an integrated manner, which allows any physician to know the current and past status of patients.

MYLE allows a clinical follow-up with cumulative notes, laboratory results and scanned documents. It also allows attaching images and videos that support and document their evolution in a way that was not possible until now.

The protocols and safety certifications of MYLE provide an ideal and efficient channel to share clinical information with patients and other specialists in the case of cross-sectional procedures to entire organizations, even if it is multi-site clinics.  

Applications like MYLE have been developed for several years now. However, these must be updated and adjusted to improve the scope and performance required, not only in software but also in their physical part, forcing clinics and offices to acquire expensive infrastructure that quickly becomes obsolete. The tendencies and innovations in development have taken in the last 5 years with more force, to which applications and web developments, with remote hosting or more commonly known as "the cloud", are a much more economical solution, easy to administer and efficient, what is already a trend marked by the fourth industrial revolution in which we are entering.

▲The security in the administration of medical information is questioned. The rate of hacks in health databases worldwide grows, as happened to Community Health hospitals in the United States, as reported by BBC News on its news portal.

MYLE offers up to 99.95% of information security and is backed by its certifications, ISO 13485, ISO 27001 and HIPAA Compliance.

When acquiring an electronic clinical record platform, you must evaluate the past, present and future conditions of your clinic. Remember that by law you must store your patients' information for 5 years. You must comply with the audit reports, and do not leave aside aspects such as security due to the great increase of hacks in health databases around the world.

PURKINJE MYLE Clinical Solutions puts at your disposal all your experience and professionalism of your team, to learn about your need and offer a solution like MYLE adapted and accurate to fit and strengthen your clinic or office so that it becomes your best investment. You do not acquire software, you acquire a company that makes sure that you meet your objectives and achieve success.

Learn more about MYLE and request a free demo and start enjoying the MYLE era.

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