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Simplify your everyday
From managing your calendars to writing progress notes, become more efficient thanks to our comprehensive tool. MYLE interfaces with providers of lab results and diagnostic imaging so you can find all the patient’s medical information in one place. MYLE is patient-focused and allows you to quickly get an overview of the patient’s state of health and to produce complete consultation reports in a few clicks.
Excellent care for your clientele
Streamline your client management with MYLE Analytics and MYLE Patient Portal. These tools are entirely integrated into your MYLE platform and will facilitate your understanding of your clientele’s needs, allow you to set up efficient channels of communication with them and reduce your administrative load. Work synergistically with all the clinic staff on a single platform to maximize the services offered to patients and optimize your working time.
A communication and supervision system without compromise
MYLE was designed specifically to respond to the communication and direct supervision needs of FMUs. The account management module allows you to provide access and revoke rights in a few clicks. MYLE has an integrated communication module and makes it possible to share clinical notes thanks to its connection to imaging and lab results providers as well as to hospitals' patient index.
A workplace tool that adapts to your needs
MYLE is a complete solution that offers infinite possibilities. Customize your use of MYLE according to the inherent needs of your practice. Easily create clickable texts or exam templates to speed up the writing of your progress notes, connect to the QHR and to regional interfaces for a better overview of your patient’s health and produce complete consultation reports in a few clicks. From patient index to invoice, MYLE becomes your single work tool and makes your time more profitable.
The collaborative platform for multidisciplinary work
Because it supports all types of data entry, MYLE is the most flexible tool on the market. It acts as a single work platform by incorporating all functionalities, from making appointments online to the RAMQ invoicing module. To optimize teamwork, MYLE has a communication module that ensures the traceability of each request and allows several people to work on the same progress note (ideal for the triage process). MYLE interfaces with all available platforms (QHR, CNESST, technocentres, RAMQ, etc.) and is supported by a team of experts with experience in large-scale implementation, making MEDFAR the best team to help you reach success.
Optimize teamwork
MYLE puts every tool at your disposition to promote effective collaboration between the various units of a hospital centre or polyclinic. Each module allows for multi-user audited interventions: progress notes, management of labs, management of digital documents, follow-up on recall lists, etc. We have the only platform that allows you to be connected to your colleagues as well as to an external environment filled with resources (QHR, lab and imaging interfaces, CNESST, etc.).
Dedicate your time to offering top-quality services
MYLE adapts itself perfectly to the particularities of private medical clinics. Manage patient trajectory from booking an appointment to receiving payment for a consultation as efficiently as possible. MYLE gives you all the tools necessary to centralize patient information, such as interfaces with the CNESST, the QHR and providers of results and diagnostic images, to facilitate the evaluation and follow-up of each patient.
To create a sustainable information ecosystem
Regional EMRs are different from regular EMRs. In particular, they offer a shared collaboration platform for the region, providing a means for exchanging assessments and recommendations between family doctors and specialists as well as for the compilation and processing of data collected in the form of regional clinical reports. Such a solution could be hosted by MEDFAR Clinical Solutions as well as by a regional technocentre. The QHR would then become a sustainable ecosystem where everyone works together for a healthier population.
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