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Over 40 years developing IT solutions for the healthcare sector

Purkinje cells, or Purkinje neurons, are a class of GABAergic neurons located in the cerebellum. They are named after their discoverer, Czech anatomist Jan Evangelista Purkyně, who characterized the cells in 1839. In 1976, group of doctors in Canada co-founded a healthcare information company called Purkinje, aimed to increase the quality of care by electronically storing health information in a digital format and pursue better quality of life for patients.

Purkinje has been working for over forty years developing IT solutions for the healthcare sector. Our detailed understanding of the clinical world, combined with our technological expertise has led us to develop innovative solutions for medical clinics (EMR) and hospitals (HIS).

Every day, thousands of healthcare professionals rely on Purkinje solutions to promote the flow of clinical information and optimize their internal processes. Purkinje continues to put all its energy into integrating the latest innovative technologies within MYLE so they can offer healthcare teams and their patients the most proper tool they deserve.

One team, one vision

To improve healthcare services through IT solutions that are flexible and responsive by managing medical information and by sharing clinical data to help health care professionals, patients, administrators, clinical staff and society in general.

We build powerful solutions that extends the healthcare system’s capability by streamlining each process; freeing caregivers from drudgery and helping them achieve more than they could alone. We measure our success by the number of ambassadors we create by building, selling and having our products go live.


"-Switching to MYLE was one of the decisions that fundamentally improved the efficiency of our clinical and administrative processes. It easily adapted to fit in with our specialized practice.

It is an intuitive EMR, obviously built according to the work to be performed and the cognitive sequence that occurs in treatment, visit by visit, note by note, from the initial consultation request to the final follow-up.

The implementation team blended in naturally with our schedules and constraints, leaving us with a solid online platform. In addition, we formed new friendships that have continued despite the geographical distances involved.

During the first few months, the main team diligently solved even the slightest concerns we experienced, gave recommendations to answer our clinic’s specific needs and operations, and finally provided us with the best, newly refined and highly efficient platform. What a pleasure it was to have established a relationship with the team responsible for the development of such an extensive EMR! "

—— Psychiatrists Psychiatric Clinic, Dieppe, NB
Our group of cardiologists wanted a better way to coordinate our clinical tasks, and a way to create and access electronic records from any workstation inside or outside of the hospital, or from our offices. PURKINJE has met and exceeded our expectations. Their personalized approach enabled us to transition quickly to using EMRs,and we soon became comfortable with using the MYLE system in our daily clinical practice.  
—— Dr Luc ,Cardiology Clinic
The use of analytics to improve patient care starts with having good data that can be used to trigger reminders and assist with decision-making in real time.
—— Direction member of Undergraduate Medical Education McGill University, Family Department.
Medical sales representative
Hong Kong
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